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Employment Law & Wrongful Dismissals

Losing a job is one of the worst things that can happen to an employee. We help employees by letting them know what their rights are and what kind of settlement they may be entitled to. We help employers by helping to devise contracts and policies to make certain business can run smoothly even when changes in the workplace are necessary.

  • Defend wrongful dismissal claims, Employment Standards Act complaints and Human Rights tribunal complaints;
  • Develop and implement human resources management plans and policies;
  • Draft effective employment contracts;
  • Structure severance packages;
    Advise employers about workplace issues; and
  • Generally assist employers to avoid workplace disputes, fines and litigation
  • Evaluate claims, let employees know what they are entitled to, especially when employers are trying to minimize their notice;
  • Deal with wrongful dismissal by negotiating settlements where possible and litigation when necessary;
  • Enforce employment contracts, making sure that employers comply with employment agreements and employment law;
  • Advise employees of their rights;
    Assist with Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code and Privacy Act complaints;
  • Advise employees of their options in the face of employer harassment, discrimination and change of duties;
  • Negotiate and review employment agreements, settlement agreements and non-competition agreements; and
  • Let employees focus on getting their next job
Employee Law Vancouver, BC
ICBC Claims Vancouver, BC
Personal Injury & ICBC Claims

We know that motor vehicle accidents, even ones that ICBC calls minor, can have a profound effect on people. We know that without the right skills, it is hard to figure out the value of claims. ICBC knows that drivers are at a disadvantage, and can use that knowledge to deprive people of the treatment and financial help that can help them to get better and get on with life.

We also help people who have been injured in other circumstances, including at businesses or events or in other situations where owners or occupiers should have been more careful.

We help people by dealing with adjusters, doctors and others so that our clients can focus on getting better. We do the research and analysis necessary to learn what each injury is “worth” and then we fight for our clients to get the best possible results.

Commercial Disputes & Collections

We resolve commercial litigation disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

We regularly handle claims for:

  • Breach of contract;
  • Partnership disputes;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Competition issues;
  • Corporate and directorial liability;
  • Construction disputes;
  • Builder’s liens; and
  • Commercial tenancy matters

We try to solve problems before leaping into expensive litigation. We consider the options open to our clients and find creative solutions to solve problems in the quickest and most economical ways.

Contract Dispute Law Vancouver, BC
Wills and Estate Law Vancouver, BC
Wills and Estates

Making decisions about what will happen when death or disability occurs is difficult. We help people by drafting wills and other agreements to make certain that our clients’ wishes are respected. We can help you by letting you know what not to put in a will to make certain that as much as possible will go to your beneficiaries and keeping tax payable by your estate to a minimum.

We also counsel our clients about medical decision making, explaining who will have right to make decisions if you are not able, and how to make sure that your wishes are carried out. In short, we help make sure your voice is heard even when you cannot speak for yourself. We also help make plans to protect vulnerable children and family members, setting your mind at ease that your affairs are all in order.

When the inevitable happens, we help executors and family members to obtain probate and administer estates. We advise executors of their duties and can take care of the paperwork and court documents necessary so that you can be sure the job is done properly and without possible complaints from other beneficiaries.

We represent clients in many types of estate and trust litigation. We act for trustees, administrators, beneficiaries and others who may have claims against an estate. Our cases include:

  • Attacking wills validity;
  • Interpreting wills and trust agreements;
  • Competing claims from beneficiaries;
  • Mental incompetency matters;
    Wills Variation Act claims; and
  • Trust Settlement and Variation Act claims and actions

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